The competitive advantage platform for corporate lawyers.

Fidu is a modern document and e-signature portal for law firms to provide to their corporate clients, who can create, sign and store the day-to-day contracts and documents they use to run their business.

Win Against New Competitors

Instead of having your clients turn to LegalZoom, Atrium, Clerky, Google, Fidu allows you to provide your clients with your documents, keeping you in the loop and cementing your position as a trusted advisor.

A Funnel for Bespoke Work

In an effort to get more high-end work, many firms discount or give away commodity work like standard documents. Fidu automates this, allowing you to scale and better serve clients and bill more hours.

Start Targeting Your Best Clients

It's hard to know which clients are most active and which should be prioritized when you reach out – by watching the use of their documents, we can provide some insight that could previously only be learned by impossible to scale 1-on-1 meetings.

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